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Our Promise



FLORIDA KEYS.  Every year, we plan a Scuba trip with a bunch of close friends who enjoy hanging out together. In 2003, we headed to The Florida Keys to escape Chicago’s freezing cold, take a break from the daily work grind and revisit our aquatic friends. After a week of Florida’s clear skies and blue waters, we were inspired to bring Florida’s warmth and spirit back to Chicago.

The Florida Keys... and Alex in Scuba bliss

Stuart and his lobster catch soaking up warm Citrus Sunshine

FRESH FRUITS.  During the Scuba trip, we tried to figure out how to capture and celebrate the essence of Florida’s Citrus Sunshine. After brainstorming over fresh fruits and margaritas, we came up with a simple solution… Bring juices and salads made from the freshest fruits to Chicago! After all, there were so many different varieties of fruit everywhere in Florida. The fruits were so fresh, sweet and tasty, it was as though they came straight from the orchards! Each time we grab a fruit salad or JoiJuiceTM, we remind ourselves of the great time in The Florida Keys, the fresh ocean breeze, the amazing variety of fresh fruits and… The Florida Citrus Sunshine!

Citrus Sunshine, gentle ocean breeze... and fresh fruits galore!

Ben, Kaeson and the crew celebrating friendship, fun & fruits!!

NATURE'S BERRY BEST.  Although the idea for The Fruit Factory hit us while Scuba diving in Florida saltwater, Chicago’s freshwater shoreline is the perfect place to celebrate our fresh fruit inspiration. And there you have it! From The Florida Keys to the Chicago Great Lakes… Enhancing a healthy lifestyle with Nature’s berry best is beneficial with or without salt. Preferably without…  J


Megan, Kaeson & Alex
Co-Founders of The Fruit Factory, Inc.